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My name is Erich Hover and I am actor. I worked alongside Brad Pitt in the film “Moneyball” and I’m the middle son of Ed who is stricken with Frontotemporal Dementia. This movie is going to tell my father’s story and my goal is that it will become a vehicle to raise awareness about the disease and provide funding from it’s viewership to help support a cure.

This movie is about a family sticking together through a difficult situation, showing the bonds between a father and his children and the love between a husband and wife.

The film will go on a journey with a young man as he learns about the disease, his relationship with his father, and his family sticking together through a difficult situation. It will explore love, pain, loss, and overall hope for a better future, and a more fulfilling present.

“We will raise ALZ awareness, educate and tell a story with heart.”


This is my family’s story. A story many people can relate to. A story portraying an epidemic that is progressive, fatal and has no cure.

• Right now in 2013, 5 million Americans have the disease.

• By 2050 an estimated 15 million people will have the disease.

• Someone develops the disease EVERY 68 Seconds

• This year in 2013, the disease will cost the nation $203 billion

• By 2050, it will cost the nation 1.2 trillion


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