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1st Place Grand Prize Winner-Nat Brown – Free Rent for One Year

Official Bring Your Talent Contest Announcement

The 3in4 need more Association, Dr. Marion Somers and Emeritus Senior Living would like to proudly thank all the contestants for participating in the contest! Your talent and wonderfully charming personalities have brought people many smiles and joy. We would also like to thank the amazing Emeritus Senior Living employees, Dr. Marion and the 3 in 4 need more Association for making the Bring Your Talent contest so special for the seniors at the communities. You made a difference.

The Bring Your Talent contest is about making a difference

The contest is a joint endeavor between Emeritus Senior Living, Dr. Marion Somers, and 3 in 4 need more, a non-profit organization dedicated to educating others about the need to plan ahead for long-term care. Elder Care Expert, Dr. Marion Somers and the 3 in 4 need more Association partnered with Emeritus Senior Living to increase awareness about the critical need to plan ahead for long-term care. The Bring Your Talent contest was a fun way to both celebrate seniors and educate the masses.

How the Bring Your Talent winners were selected

The Bring Your Talent contest did not limit the type of talent accepted. The contestants’ talent videos ranged from comedic acts to puppetry, Latin dancing, singing and painting! There was an endless amount of talent across the nation! As you can imagine, finding a winner was not an easy task! Emeritus Senior Living Facebook Fans voted for their favorites and their favorites became finalists during the competition. Once the finalists were listed, a panel of judges from Emeritus Senior Living and the 3 in 4 need more Association (we also had an additional guest judge from our trade organization, ALFA)

Our distinguished panel of judges

Granger Cobb, CEO of Emeritus Senior Living

Chris Hyatt, COO of Emeritus Senior Living

Dr. Marion Somers, Spokesperson and Elder Care Expert for 3in4 Need More

Jamison Gosselin, Sr. Vice President of the Assisted Living Federation of America (ALFA)

How did they decide?
Our panel of judges looked at a variety of different factors during the decision process to assure every senior had an equal chance to win:

  • Votes: The amount of votes a contestant’s video accumulated was not sole determining factor. We were unable to have votes as the sole determining factor because many seniors do not have Facebook accounts (so that they could vote). The judges did take the votes in to consideration. Finalists were selected through Facebook votes. There were 20 finalists during the Bring Your Talent contest. Among the 20 finalists, there are 11 runners-up and 1 grand prize winner.
    • Talent: Judges looked at the individual talent and skill of a contestant, as shown on the contestant’s video.
    • Charm: Judges looked at the personality of the contestant.
    • Reason: Judges looked at the reason contestants joined and what they would do if they won.

2nd Place Runner-up Winners
– One Week Free Respite Stay

Henry Valdez

Danny Page

Theda Jackson

Gerri Spence

Janice Gutenburg

Phyllis Berry

Anna Don Sage

Bess Massingham

Dave Hawkins

Martha and Donald DePoy

Livia Vargas


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