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• 77% of Americans age 30 to 65 think they should know more about long-term care coverage.
– According to a Long Term Care Cost Study published by Prudential.

73% of seniors use a reverse mortgage as a means to plan ahead for unexpected emergencies. – Metlife Mature Market Study, 2010

• Almost 70% of people over age 65 will require some form of long term care. That’s nearly 3 in 4 of us. – According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

• 58% of Americans believe they may live to age 100. Yet, 3 in 4 say they would approach their financial planning differently if they knew sooner.
– Merrill Lynch Affluent Insights Survey

Association & Campaign Overview

The 3in4 Need More campaign is dedicated to raising awareness of the importance of planning for ones long term care needs. The campaign utilizes multiple marketing strategies in order to increase awareness nationally. These strategies are applied by producers, agencies, carriers and strategic partners in order to help reach this goal and solidify the importance of the campaign message.

The 3in4 Association (3in4) operates as a nonprofit 501(c) (6) corporation and the 3in4 Need More campaign is a public service of the 3in4 Association. The campaign is the awareness and education component for the association. Members of the campaign cross all industries, genders and age groups.

The movement is nationwide and its organization is exclusively dedicated to promoting the importance of planning for long term care needs. The campaign also supports an online platform located at . The platform supports consumer plan development via long term care focused products and services that should be considered in long term care planning. The platform also provides awareness support for long term care planning specialists.


To have the phrase “3in4 Need More” synonymous with long term care planning. To be widely recognized by consumers and industries across the nation as a knowledge base for long term care planning information. Consumers will look to 3in4 as the source for information on long term care planning specialists, products and services – both public and private.


To increase national awareness of the need for each citizen to develop a long term care plan and to raise awareness of the various private and public products and services available to them that should be considered in plan design.

The Campaign Focuses on 4 Objectives:

1. Spread the word that “3in4 Need More” than standard healthcare insurance.

2. Support Congressional moves to provide additional tax deductions or rebates to help people better afford long term care products and services.

3. Stimulate others in industry, education, and government to join the “3in4 Need More” campaign, through the use of the logo and other visuals to spread awareness.

4. Educate the public on private programs and federal entitlement options.

The Goal

The goal of the 3in4 Association is to conduct marketing and public relations activities to raise awareness for each citizen to develop a long term care plan, and to provide an online platform for consumers to find products, support and answers for plan development …”He who fails to plan, plans to fail.”


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